Frequently Asked Question


Question 1:  Do you sell to the end user?

Answer:  No, we do not sell directly to the end user. We only sell to wholesalers
distributors. In 12 years of business, we had accumulated many wholesalers clients,
they will purchase our products
and sell to end users.

Question 2: Are you a manufacturer or dealer?  Is your price competitive?

Answer: Yes,we are a manufacturer, not a dealer. We have own factory and workshop.

All raw material is original cost,  So we can offer competitive price.

Weclome to visit our factory.

Question 3:   Is your quality good? How do you control your products quality?

 Answer:   We had been engaged with USB Flash Drive business around 12 years.

 If there is not good reputation, we can not live so long.  So we dare to say our quality

is very good. We have strong QC meansures, our QC system includes QC, IQC, IPQC, QE
and QA. Make sure our customers receive perfect products.

Question 4: What chips do you usually use?  Do you use upgrade chips?

 Answer: We usually like using Samsung or Toshiba, or Micron chips.

 Sorry, we don't purchase upgrade chips even if our clients ask us to do it.

If you  like using upgrade chips, please don't consider us as your vendor.

We are not willing to do business with dishonest partner.

Question 5: Do your products export?  Where do your products usually export?

Answer:  Yes,  our all products is exported. Our products are exported to USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

Question 6: How long is your warranty? What can I do in your warranty if USB Flash drive is bad

Answer:  Our warranty is 5 years covered. We have perfect after-sales service system. If USB Flash Drive happen fault in warranty, We will
offer free replacement within 5 years


Question 7:  Which Express company do you usually choose? How many days do your Express company delivery?
Answer:  We usually use FedEx priority Express company.

FedEx priority only needs 2 days to delivery from China to USA or Asia. Only 3 days from China

to Europe.


Question 8: How can I get a quote?

Answer:  When you browse our website, please remember USB item number which you are interested in, tell us what quantity do you need? What specific requirement? and then send email to

Our sales teams will reply to you within 10 minutes.





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